Our Story

“At Plan B Architecture I have a team of skilled professional people who are dedicated to  implement my belief and vision of providing excellent quality work to my clients .I understand what a huge task it is to get building works done so I hope to ease your journey a bit by helping you all the way. Thank you for your trust.”

-Yasmeen Shaikh

The company was set up by Yasmeen Shaikh in 2005 and became a limited company early in 2007. In the past Yasmeen has worked for top architectural practices, medium and large, in the City of London. She is equipped with a “Bachelor of Architecture” degree which she obtained in 2001 from a top university. 

After encountering a serious demand for residential planning drawings from the local people around her, she left her full time employment to establish Plan-B Architecture and provide freelance planning and design services.

Yasmeen has an extensive experience in householder and residential planning, drawing and design services in the UK. During her experience in the architectural industry, she has gained a depth of knowledge by working on numerous planning & building regulations drawings and applications both in and outside London. Having worked with a team of good designers in very busy practices in the past has equipped her with the knowledge and understanding needed to deliver excellent building practice and design.

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