• Phase2:Building Regulation Drawings ,Structural Calculation Report & Application

Depending on the project, Building Regulations are required once planning permission has been approved.Building Regulation drawings and structural calculation report are required to be prepared for this stage in accordance with the Building Regulation Act .This is to ensure that all buildings benefit from an appropriate minimum standard of health and safety in their construction and use. 

After the planning stage is over and the permission granted, a set of drawings is produced, showing details according to the Building Regulations set standards, primarily to ensure the safety and health for people in or around those buildings. These drawings may also cover areas like fire escape, energy conservation and access to and about buildings. 

At Plan B Architecture we can prepare and submit the building regulations drawings and structural calculation report upon your request. The amount of details required depends on the type of project and we will make sure that all the necessary details are provided. Once the plans have been submitted, we will deal with all the necessary correspondence with the regulatory bodies. 

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