There are specific council rules relating to displaying advertisement outside.These rules are dependent on the display area. 

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Do I Need Planning Permission?

If you want to display an advertisement bigger than 0.3 square metres  on the front of, or outside, your property then you may need to apply for advertisement consent. If you want to display an illuminated advertisement then you will need to apply for advertisement consent.Therefore, you are unlikely to need consent for a small sign with your house/building name or number on it, or even a sign saying 'Beware of the dog'.Temporary notices up to 0.6 square metres relating to local events, such as street parties and concerts, may also be displayed for a short period. There are different rules for estate agents' boards, but, in general, these should not be bigger than 0.5 square metres.

The planning regime for larger, professional adverts, signs for businesses and so on is complex though all outdoor advertisements must comply with five 'standard conditions'.

They must:
•    be kept clean and tidy
•    be kept in a safe condition
•    have the permission of the owner of the site on which they are displayed(this includes the Highway   Authority if the sign is to be placed on highway land)
•    not obscure, or hinder the interpretation of, official road, rail, waterway or aircraft signs, or otherwise make hazardous the use of these types of transport
•    be removed carefully where so required by the planning authori

Advert & Signage in a Conservation Area: Please read the above guidelines regarding advertisement and signs. You must check with your local authority if you intend to display any advertisements in a conservation area. It is absolutely necessary to obtain the required conservation area consent prior to beginning any works. Going ahead without this may result in a fine or imprisonment, or both.

Do I Need Building Regulations?

Domestic adverts and signs are not normally subject to building control.
However, they must 'be kept in a safe condition' as required by the conditions above.

How Plan B Architecture can help you

At Plan B Architecture we would be glad to assist you with any query you may have regarding advertisement consents. Should you need advertisement consents, we would be glad to assist you with all elements of your application.If you would require drawing only, we can provide you with detailed existing and proposed drawings for advertisement consents.

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