Building a conservatory can provide increased living space.Specially if a glazed structure is used,it brings your garden into your home area specially complementing the patio area.Finally it can be a good source of natural light.

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Do I Need Planning Permission?

Most conservatories may be considered Lawful Development. A conservatory addition to your house is considered to be permitted development, not requiring an application for planning permission, subject to the following limits and conditions:

•    If you are planning on putting a conservatory within 2 metres of a boundary, the eaves height cannot    exceed 3 metres.
•    If you live in an attached house (e.g. a terraced or semi-detached house), the maximum depth of a conservatory cannot exceed is 3 metres and 4 metres in the case of detached house.
•    the maximum height can be no more than 4 metres.

Planning permission will be most likely required if:
•    The proposed conservatory is forward of the principal elevation or side elevation fronting a highway.
•     The proposed conservatory has an eaves and ridge height greater than that of your property, you will need planning permission.
•    The proposed single storey conservatory (when taken with existing conservatories, outbuildings and decking for example), will cover more than 50% of the land around                     your home.
•    You will require planning permission if you wished to add a veranda or raised platform to the structure. 

Conservatory in a Conservation Area: If you are planning a conservatory to your house in a conservation area, Planning Permission would be most likely be required prior to beginning any works. It is absolutely necessary to obtain the required conservation area consent prior to beginning any works. Going ahead without this may result in a fine or imprisonment, or both. 

Conservatory in Flats or Maisonettes: If you live on a ground floor flat and plan to add a conservatory to your flat you must apply for planning permission.

Do I Need Building Regulations?

Conservat ories are normally exempt from building regulations when:

•    They are built at ground level and are less than 30 square metres in floor area.
•    The conservatory is separated from the house by external quality walls, doors or windows.
•    There should be an independent heating system with separate temperature and on/off controls.
•    Glazing and any fixed electrical installations comply with the applicable building regulations requirements (see below).

You are advised not to construct conservatories where they will restrict ladder access to windows serving rooms in roof or loft conversions, particularly if any of the windows are intended to help escape or rescue if there is a fire.

How Plan B Architecture can help you

At Plan B Architecture we would be glad to assist you with any query you may have regarding your Conservatory. Should you need Conservatory planning permission, we would be glad to assist you with all elements of your application.
If you would require drawing only, we can provide you with detailed existing and proposed drawings for all types of Conservatory. 

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