Adding a porch to your property gives you enhanced security and an enhanced kerb appeal.It also helps by keeping the cold draught away not to forget the extra space for coats and shoes.A porch can also increase the value of your home .
Depending on the design and various other criteria, the homeowner may apply for permitted development or Planning permission for a porch.

 Making a porch provides the below benefit:

    •     Enhanced security
    •     Enhanced kerb appeal
    •     Can increase the value of your home


Do I Need Planning Permission?

You will need planning permission when building a porch if:
•    the ground floor area exceeds three square metres.
•    Height of the porch exceeds three metres above ground.
•    any part of the porch is within two metres of any boundary of the dwelling house and the highway
The planning rules for porches are applicable to any external door to the dwelling house.
Garage Conversion in a Conservation Area: In a conservation area it is a possibility that you might need planning permission to build a porch. It is advised that you check with your local authority before commencing any works. It is absolutely necessary to obtain the required conservation area consent prior to beginning any works. Going ahead without this may result in a fine or imprisonment, or both.
Garage Conversion in Flats: If you live in a flat and intend to construct a porch, you will most likely need planning permission. You must check with your local authority giving them details of your proposal.

Do I Need Building Regulations?

Glazing and any fixed electrical installations must comply with the appropriate sections of the building regulations.
For a porch to be exempt from building regulations approval:
•    the front entrance door between the existing house and the new porch must remain in place
•    if the house has ramped or level access for disabled people, the porch must not adversely affect access.

How Plan B Architecture can help you

At Plan B Architecture we would be glad to assist you with any query you may have regarding construction of  a porch. Should you need planning permission, we would be glad to assist you with all elements of your application.
If you would require drawings only, we can provide you with detailed existing and proposed drawings for all types of porches. 
Please call Plan B Architecture Today On 0208 4072472 To Find Out How We Can Help You With Your Porch Planning.
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